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Attain. Sustain. Maintain.

Full Circle Homes offers all the tools and resources you need to buy and keep your home. We are a community organization that supports our clients with professional assistance beyond just buying a home.
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About Us

Full Circle Homes is an initiative of The Resurrection Project (TRP), a community development organization with a 27-year track record of empowering individuals and investing in the community. We offer a full range of services including education, realty services, lending, and homeowner support programs to help you achieve your goals.

Full Circle Homes Impact


Homeowners Created

Over 1,800 homeowners created since 1990


TRP Wellness Participation

Over 30,000 individuals have participated in TRP financial wellness services since 1990


Wealth Created and Preserved

More than $367 million in community wealth created and preserved since 1990


Annual Participants

Over 1,000 annual participants in home purchase counseling and education


Homes Preserved

More than 800 homes preserved through our foreclosure prevention services

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Register for one of our upcoming classes and workshops. Our classes are free and are offered in English and Spanish!

Once I reached Full Circle Homes I realized nothing is impossible. You have to put in the hard work and look for the right organization to help you.

Fabian Zamora,HomeownerBerwyn Neighborhood

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